mercoledì 18 aprile 2012

Bigger than Jesus

Questa settimana l'appuntamento con PS è dedicato a tutti gli amici all'estero, a tutti quelli che parlano inglese, a tutti quelli che amano (e odiano) Mourinho, insomma a tutti quanti!

"I am not the best but nobody is better than me". Who stated this arrogant sentence must be really loving his image on the mirror. Well no need to say it's José Mourinho from Setubal. People who come from that part of Portugal can be divided into two types: fishermen or heavy drinkers but sometimes an exception happens and we have to admit it was a big one. First time I heard his name was when he won the UEFA Champion's League with Fc Porto in 2004, some crazy people wanted to kill him in case he succeded; so after gaining an amazing victory he said bye bye Portugal and flew to London. No time to take compliments or taking picture with the trophy in his hands.
Every match was a battle for him and as Napoleon teaches you don't go to battles unprepared or unarmed, you have to be ready to any possibility: fotball is not a science but it's geometry and strong mind. Mourinho is one of the greatest in mind working; he knows how to take the best out of his players and can draw all the pressure and bad attention on his shoulders; players must play and run and win, he must protect his men and put them in the condition to be super.
His football is not magic or circus-like one, it's pragmatism, tactic and top players who know how it works on the pitch.
You will never hear his former men talking shit about him, he was the one to keep Marco Materazzi out of the main squad when arrived at Inter but not a word from him and you wanna know why? Mourinho can be a bighead but he takes decisions and looks you straight in the eyes while doing that. This means being a man and special. A special one.


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