mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

A tea in a garage

Snow jewel, what a beautiful name for a tea. Las week I was wandering in Saint gilles neighbourhood, here in Brussel to join the "parcours d'artiste" festival and I found this cosy place.
A real small garage, no car inside, but a plywood counter with a small teapot on it.
Welcomed by Éric and Adeline, I tasted my white and perfumed tea listening to Eric explanation about the difference among several infusion types.
Brother and sister use to serve good tea to their friends, until May the 20th they are doing it also for those who don't know that behind hot water there's a ritual. They are ready to talk with you about flavours, principles and  how to serve tea. They don't only want to tell their passion but also share a story.

I suggest you to have a sit at the counter to breath every secret smell and take look at the finicky work behind the scenes.

Watch out because every tea has its own preparation method: time, temperature and the right cup. More, some teas are better in the morning, some others in the evening.
The hosts are there to help you in the choice: white, green or black? (more than 15 on the menu).

For our sweet-toothed friends there are also some nice pastries (biscuits, cupcakes or slice of cakes) and as a good tea moment needs, you'll find some freaky and nice person to talk with.

Last but not least, take your time (about an hour or more) and drink your tea without thoughts, chatting as and old english lady waiting for her bridge game to start.

The Tea garage 
Extraordinary teas in unusual place
Rue Bosquet 8A
1060 St. Gilles-Bruxelles
12-13 mai 2012 et 19-20 mai 2012 from 11 to 19

update: il post è in inglese perché i ragazzi del Tea Garage sono di Bruxelles e mi piaceva l'idea che potessero usare TerrazzaTartini per publicizzare la loro idea.

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  1. I saw this on facebook, I wish I had the chance to come by, it sounds great :)